Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jeepney Inspiration

I'm rereading the book Seven Laws of Spiritual Success written by Deepak Chopra. For years, I've had this as a gift almost six years ago, and went over it rather quickly - too quickly in fact. It's only now that I'm starting to appreciate the concepts contained in the book. It's completely different from what they teach you in big corporations or in school.

I've had glimpses of inspiration in the past that I now realize were close to some of the ideas in the book. It was during these short instances where I had this overwhelming feeling of freedom and confidence that I could do anything.

I remember one time while I was lining up to ride a jeepney to either go home or go to work, I forgot which. All of a sudden, I had this emotion that I could just let go and let things stay the way they are, that I would accept whatever would happen to me in the future, while at the same time pursuing what I loved doing the best. It was this moment that I felt this sense of joy, that I could do anything I want and things will turn out alright.

Up to this day, I still remember this feeling vividly. And I would recapture part of it once in a while, but not to the extent that I had before. I believe Deepak refers to this in the book as the law of least effort and law of detachment. The concept where you can achieve great things through letting go and embracing uncertainty, not being attached to any result.

I'll write more about this in future posts. I also need to finish reading the book. If you're curious, there's a good summary of the seven laws here.

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